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Anumis Legal, based at the beautiful Noosa Marina, provides options & solutions to business owners, entrepreneurs & high-net-worth individuals & so much more.

From Economic Upheaval to Opportunities

Some economists are talking about recession, while others are suggesting we could be in for depression. Recessions are not all that rare. The most recent recession began on or about December 2007 and lasted some 18 months. The 1973-75 and 1981-82 recessions both...

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Your Best Business Structure

Are you sure you know what business structure is right for you? Choosing the best business structure for your circumstances can be confusing - watch this short video to find out if your business structure is the optimum one for your needs.

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Keeping Ahead to Benefit Your Business

Anumis Legal remains on the cutting-edge of legal developments, taking the time to study, track, & anticipate changes in commerce, investment, banking & finance, & precedent that may impact our clients & their ventures. In every matter we manage, we partner with our clients to minimise risks & advance your short & long-term objectives.

If your business is facing a legal problem or you need advice that will boost your business or add value to a key project, contact dr john directly, right now.

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